Where to Begin

I’m sure you’ve already read my post on loving everything in New York, and I did love everything.  I will live in New York before I die.  Although I put out to the universe that I would live in Oceanside, California before I die too, so who knows where I’ll end up.  I have eight years to decide.  In eight years Lindsey graduates high school and goes to college, and then what will I have left?  I’m out of here. 

I’m already on the record as saying that I’m out of here, but where?  Ahhhh, northern San Diego, the laid back lifestyle, the beach, the sun, the people.  But then there’s New York with the life, the sounds, the vibe, the tiny apartment, the crowds.   And the musicals.  I wonder how long it will take for me to see all the musicals? 

The Musicals

I’d like to live there for at least a year, maybe two.  I’d move away before I stopped saying excuse me when I ran into people.  And would I really want to walk THESE stairs out of the subway every day when the escalator is broken?

Subway Stairs on 5th

I think I would get used to it.

I’ll be back later with tips and tricks on my trip including how glad I was that we got the City Pass, how easy it was to hail a cab (so easy Shelby could do it), how simple the subway was to get around on, and what a hard time I’m having getting back into my real life.  I need another vacation.


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