Some Things that I Love

Here are some things that I love:

I love vacations!
I love New York City!
I love the sights, the sounds, the whole vibe.
I love not working for a week.
I love that my fourteen year old still grabs my hand when we’re walking down the street.
I love the kind, considerate person I see her turning into.
I love musicals and even love a few plays.
I love cheesecake!
I love that we’ve figured out the subway system.
I love that I was smart enough to get a metro card for the week. It was the best thing I’ve bought so far.
I love that I actually thought of the YOF (year of fourteen) trip!
I love that Shelby still likes me!

There will be more with pictures, but for now, these are just a few things that I’m loving right now! Including loving exclamation points! I apparently love them a lot!!!


1 Comment

  1. Sister Sherri

    Some things that I love…my witty sister, my beautiful niece, and amazing stepmom…all enjoying NYC. Have fun!!!

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