Christy’s Pretty Smart, You Know?

I just got tickets to our first musical in New York!  I’m so excited I can’t stand it, but it’s a surprise so I can’t chance Shelby reading this even though she’s not allowed to read my blog.  I’ve had a good mom week (almost).  Besides missing Shelby’s first tennis match, I’ve been right with my kids exactly twice this week.  That’s a good week for me.

I have social anxiety.  I don’t really like social events or mingling, don’t even get me started on small talk and my inability not to overshare.  If you know me, you’ might think that was odd because I seem really social, but I’m not.  Unfortunately, I’ve passed a little bit of this on to my kids, especially Kasey.  She loves going to church, but I have to make her go into the junior high school room and she doesn’t have many friends.  Her problems with “friends” is well documented.  In fact, I took her to a girls’ night thing and she didn’t talk to anyone.  She said she had a good time, but she didn’t talk to one person.  Seriously, I wish I could help her and make people be friends with her.  How embarrassing would that be?  I go in and start introducing her to people and making them be nice to her.

So they have a 6th grade girls group, but it’s on the nights that her dad has her so she hasn’t been going and hasn’t wanted to go.  The monkey switched with me for some reason (I’ll go into that later), and it ended up that she could go to the small group, but she didn’t want to.  I made her.  I’ll be honest, I.MADE.HER.  I told her she was going to go and it was pajama night and I told her what pajamas to wear and she fought me, kicking and screaming.  But she got her bible and she went.

Then the most amazing thing happened.  She made friends.  She had a good time.  Everyone loved her pajamas.  She thanked me.  What?  Yeah, she did.  She said I was right and she thanked me for making her go and she can’t wait to go back.  And when she went to church on Wednesday night, she met someone new.  And Kasey said the girl was new and she remembered what it was like to be new so she asked her if she wanted to sit with her.  That’s my girl!  She just needed a nudge.

It’s been a good week.  I was also right with Shelby, but I can’t go into that one.  Let’s just say it was complicated, but she realized I was right.  When do you think they’ll actually start listening to me?  I’m pretty smart, you know?


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  1. Sometimes we don’t know why we (or our kids) have to go through hard times or situations, but then I hear the story of your daughter knowing what it was like to be and feel like the new girl so she asked the girl to sit with her, and well it seems to make sense. love it.

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