Christy and the New Shoes

Do you think unused blogs should go to blog heaven?  What would the time frame be?  And then what’s going to happen to my blog?  I need to decide if I’m going to continue or close up shop.  I want to continue, but I’m blocked, and I’m going through something I can’t explain.  Not something that I can’t tell you about, but something that I can’t even explain to me.  It’s like when my older two girls tell me they’re blue and they can’t put their finger on why. 

I’m blue.  And for no reason really.  The State is effing with my tax refunds, so I guess financially I’m blue, but I know it will all work out so I’m not too stressed about it.  I am kind of freaking out that I’m leaving for New York in less than a month!  I wanted to have all our play tickets by  now, but I can only do so much.  I’m working my arse off and I’m exhausted, that could be why I’m blue.  I also have to get a new pair of shoes. 

But first, I have to tell you a story about my shoes.  I wish I was sponsored by someone, like say, Dr. Martens.  Because then I would do a blog about how much I LOVE my Dr. Martens and how they’ve been good shoes, but need to be put out to pasture, and then I would get new shoes.  Because I need new New York shoes.

My sister and I planned a trip to New York in April of 1997.  We were watching the Tony’s together, and by “together” I mean I was in Denver and she was in Tulsa.  But we wanted to plan a trip to New York to see Rent and we decided that if we paid for it then we couldn’t back out.  So that’s what we did.  We planned the trip for October.  Then in July I found out I was pregnant.  I was terrified to tell her because who wants to walk around New York with a pregnant girl.  There’s a lot more to the story, but I’ll stick to my shoes for right now.

I needed a new pair of nice walking shoes and she told me that Doc Martens were the most comfortable shoes she’d ever had so I decided I would get me a pair.  However, I got them the day before we left for New York not knowing that they need AT LEAST a two week break-in period.  It was awful, a nightmare, my feet were blistered and bleeding and they were the only shoes I’d taken.  I feel like if I’d gotten them a few weeks before instead of wearing them 16 hours a day, walking miles and miles around Manhattan, it would have been much better.  I stuck it out and didn’t throw them away and they did turn out to be the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned.  They were also the most expensive pair of shoes I’d ever owned up until that point and also after.  But now look at them:   

My OLD New York Shoes

I just don’t think they have another trip to New York in them, but I hate to get rid of them.  They’ve been through almost 13 years with me and now I have to break in a new pair of something cute for my new New York trip in a few weeks.  I’m running out of time.  These are going to be the shoes that take me through another part of my life so I have to choose wisely.  Do you hear that, Dr. Martens?



  1. carikelley

    Looks like all you need is a little shoe polish and they’ll be good as new!

    and don’t stress about the blog break. Just b/c you’re “dry” right now doesn’t mean you won’t come out of it later. It’s just a season. and it’s ok. Now, if someone was paying you for regular, consistent content, you’d be in trouble. 🙂 But, they are not, so you’re not.

    Besides, how else will you report on your new shoes, and NY trip? I don’t wanna miss out.

  2. Maybe you could spray paint them some new exciting color that would at least last through N.Y.
    (I have never tried this it just seems like a good idea right this minute)


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