Happy 2010!

Woo hoo!  A whole new year!  A new beginning! A fresh start!  I’m jazzed!  That’s a lot of exclamation points!!!!

So what’s your motto?  What’s a motto wit’ you?  My motto in ’09 was “It’s all fine in ’09”, and it was.  If I had a motto starting this year, it would be “Thin in ’10”, “Begin Again in ’10”, or “Do it again in ’10”.  Maybe I’ll have it figured out by ’11.

I got home from spending the last week of the year in Oklahoma with my mom and it was great. My girls have such a good time there and it’s very sad when it comes time to leave their grandma and grandpa.  It’s always nice to be home though. 

And in case you’re keeping up with my blogs (ha!) or read the last one, apparently we’ve suspended Road Trip Lip Synch because no one can come up with a song. We’re all still thinking about it though. Leave a comment if you can think of a fun one.

I got my Christmas tree taken down and fleeced out some ornaments that I didn’t remember having any special meaning.  I also got a new tree in an after Christmas sale so I threw out the old one.  I can’t wait to put the new one up next year.  Kasey said it would be really cool to put it up and see what it looks like and take it right back down.  I’m too tired for all that.  We’ll have to wait until next year. Besides, it probably won’t fit back in the box.

Divorce sucks.  It sucks during the holidays, it sucks every other weekend when the kids spend the night away, it sucks on Christmas Eve when you have to put out all the presents yourself, and on Christmas Day when they go spend it with their “other” family.  Sucks, sucks, sucks. I had to go to something with the monkey this week and he told me the worst decision he ever made was leaving me. Yes, yes, it was. But we all move forward.

This year is going to be great.  I’m more focused on school.  I’m still focused on getting healthy.  And I’m going to try and run/walk/crawl a half marathon.  I’d also like to do the sprint-triathlon again and be even more prepared for the swim.

As for the obligatory resolutions that no one keeps.  I’ve got nothing.  Actually, I’d like to work out more, I’d like to be more disciplined, and I’d like to finish my bible in a year this year.  I’m on the third year of trying and now I have the kids involved so I have to finish.  Even Lindsey got a Kids Bible in a Year so we’re all accountable.

So what have you got?  Any resolutions for you that you haven’t broken by the 2nd week of the year?


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