My Family Newsletter 2009

I have to post this late because the pictures are Christmas presents, and thus a surprise. Get it?

Now You Don't Need a Card

As a reminder, here is my 2008 Family Newsletter

My motto of “It’s All Fine in ’09” worked out pretty well. *knock wood*  

The really great thing about keeping a blog is that you have your whole year right there for you to reference. 

In March, we took a road trip and continued our Road Trip Lip Synch tradition. Look for a new one next week to the Black Eyed Peas’ I’ve Got a Feeling. Try and control your enthusiasm. There were also some other interesting posts in March about my SHM, and my roots and wings. I use the word “interesting” very loosely.

In May, I did a 10k in an hour and 45 minutes and it didn’t take me three days to recover like it did the previous time I did it.  Also, who could forget my cruise in May that I finally got to go on and was tired of talking about, as I’m sure you were tired of hearing about it?

How could you EVER forget when the monkey moved one street over?  I wish I could.

In July, I told you what’s on my DVR and I’ve added to it a little.  I now have both Elizabeth I and II and I’m hoping to have an Elizabeth marathon one weekend.  I also painted my living room and kitchen while my girls were gone for the summer.

In August, I ran a sprint triathlon.  Maybe not “RAN”, but I finished and didn’t drown.  That was my fear, I was afraid I was going to drown.  Here’s my recap about that time in the year.  And I gave you an update that had several blogs in one.

In September, I told you a story that was very personal and probably more information than you ever cared to know about me.

I also recapped a lot of Grey’s Anatomy, but you can find those yourself.

Anyway, you can take a few days and go back through my 116 blogs from this year, or you can trust me that I’ve had a good year and start fresh with 2010, it’s your choice.

I’m leaving this year feeling better than I did in 2008.  God continues to provide for us financially and we have a roof over our head, food on our table, and a cow in our deep freeze (thanks, Mom!).  What more could we ask for? 

As we start the next decade, I pray that everyone continues to stay healthy and that I have the discipline to finish school.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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  1. Corrie Butler

    Wow! Christy, Thank you for sharing. I think we need to get together for dinner! Soon! I miss you! Your an amazing lady with 3 beautiful young ladies. I’m proud of you for “blogging” outloud when most of us carry it around on the inside. Wow, can’t believe the nerve of the “monkey”. 😮 Remeber my “monkey” from before I met Hubby?? Yah, he tried to FB me to be friends… needless to say that’s never gonna happen. I wish you and your family the best year ever in 2010. I’m planning on doing a half marathon this year. I’d love to “run” with you! There is one called the slackerhalfmarathon!! : )Now that’s for me! Let’s talk soon!
    Miss you

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