Minor Holiday Mishaps and Organizational Issues

This year we’ve gone pretty unscathed with holiday mishaps.

I did lose a $15 Starbucks gift card (that could have been yours!) and I lost a book of stamps somewhere between the post office and my house.  How does that happen?  Where do you think that stuff goes?  I either have a black hole in my house caused by red matter from Star Trek, or a mouse that’s collecting things like they had in Cheaper by the Dozen 2.  And yes, almost all my references are movie related.

Do you know how I long to be organized?  Do you know how much I love using the word “long” as a verb?  I like it a lot.  Like in the movie…..just kidding, I don’t have a movie reference for that.  So anyway, I would love to be organized.  I would love to just shred every single thing after I read it.  I would love for my rolltop desk to be cleaned off and everything filed in its appropriate place.  I used to think I needed to be on one of those organizing shows, and then I watched one.  I felt a little better about my office.  Then I watched Hoarders and had a whole new appreciation for my clutter, or lack of clutter compared to that show.

My grandpa was a hoarder.  My dad would have been a hoarder if my step-mom didn’t put a stop to it right quick.  I’m far from being a hoarder, but I definitely could be more organized.  Maybe that will be a resolution, but that’s for another blog.

All of that behind me, and Christmas cookies cooling, I will say Merry Christmas Eve to you!


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