When’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Again?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  With the kids jingle belling and everyone telling you be of good cheer…..wait, my kids don’t jingle bell.  There’s absolutely no jingle belling at my house.  What does that even mean?

The teen years are brutal at our house, and I only have one of them so far.  Can you imagine what my house is going to be like when I have three teenagers?  You might want to stay away if the first one is any indication of what life is going to be like.

So we put up our tree two weeks ago, but hadn’t had time to decorate so we ended up doing it this weekend.  I had a gift card to Starbucks so I told them if there was absolutely no fighting bickering then I’d get them Starbucks afterward.  SUCCESS!!  And on to Starbucks we went.  I ordered an eggnog frappuccino, and it was seriously the best thing I’ve ever had there.  It was a special order and let’s just say I’m glad they don’t have eggnog drinks all year or I’d be in trouble.

The girls actually getting along.

the girls actually getting along

Then Sunday came and it was time to get our Christmas shopping done.  At least the part that has to be mailed this week.  Shelby isn’t a fan of shopping.  I’m actually not a fan of shopping.  I didn’t get the workaholic gene like my sister did, and I didn’t get the shopaholic gene like my dad had.  Shelby especially doesn’t like shopping if it’s not for her.  Then the problem is that she’s unbearable when she’s unhappy.  Annoyingly unbearable.   What made me mad is that part of the shopping was for her gift exchange at school, you’d think she’d be in a better mood. 

My problem in the past (read Friday night) is that I have really high expectations.  I have great ideas for my family.  For instance, Lindsey had a birthday party on Friday night at the Color me Mine in Southlands.  So I came home and got Kasey and Shelby to take them to Paradise Cafe for hot chocolate and cookies.  On they way there they started fighting.  It involved someone interrupting someone and Shelby completely shut down and refused to speak.  Then when we got there, she walked 6 feet behind us with her arms crossed.  Also, things obviously weren’t going my way because Paradise closed early that night so there was no hot cocoa or cookie.  This was no Norman Rockwell night for me. 

So today for shopping, my expectations were incredibly low.  I was prepared for a Shelby mood, and therefore, she didn’t completely ruin our day.  I know my family days are numbered and that terrifies me.  I want to keep them as long as I can because I know at some point, Shelby won’t just be snotty on family outings, she won’t want to go at all.  And that makes me so sad that the time is coming for that. 

I want to keep my family together, happy, and getting along for as long as possible.  So sue me.



  1. oh I so agree with you, I want these days with them to just drag out a little longer, but they insist on going too fast! The other day my 3 girls were unloading the groceries out of the car and just kept bickering…Later I told them that if we were a basketball team we would have lost because of all the lame teamwork. They thought I had lost it. Where’d I come up with that one? Sometimes I just bug myself. ha!

    • christyd4

      That’s brilliant! I’m totally going to use it. A lot of days we would lose as a team because of all the infighting. Something has to get through to them, right?!

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