Food Fight, Anyone?

It’s December 10th.  I know when you read this it will actually be December 11th, but 16 years ago on December 10th I got married.  Why oh why did I ever do that?  Oh, I remember it was to go on and have three great girls.  I was only 22, so young, too young in my opinion.  The day went by with no fanfare, which is right.  The anniversary to “celebrate”, if you will, is April 8th when my divorce was final.  There’s really no celebration on either front though, just another day.

My daughter started a food fight today.  A food fight.  A food fight?  Um…yeah.  Her teacher was handing out letters when I went to pick her up.  Had she won some sort of award?  But I could tell by the look on Kasey’s face that it was no award.  We have to rush on Thursdays so I told her to tell me in the car.  As I’m opening the letter, she asked if she could explain.  The first sentence I saw on the letter was “Kasey started a food fight at lunch today”, and I gasped so loud I think all the oxygen was sucked out of the car.  All I could think about was the food fights you see in movies where the food is just flying.  I started looking for mashed potatoes in her hair.

My first reaction was to laugh, but I caught myself and I didn’t.  Not that there was anything funny about her getting in trouble, but I just couldn’t help thinking how ridiculous it was that my daughter started a food fight.  So she explained that she was being silly and threw a raisin that landed on the boys’ table, and they threw something back, and then the girls threw something else, etc.  It went on a very short time and Kasey only threw the first thing, but she did in fact start it.

This was the first time she’s ever gotten in trouble like that where they had to notify me.  She was destroyed.  She was so upset, she was crying.  However, not only did the letter say she’d started the food fight, they said she was disrespectful to a staff member and she didn’t go where they told her to so they said she was hiding to avoid punishment.  Hiding?  Really?  Where’s she going to go?  That’s what I thought, but what I said was how disappointed I was in her and that she had better not ever get in trouble like that again.  She’s grounded, she had to write an apology letter to the principal, and she has to do extra homework every night.  Plus she has to work in the cafeteria during her recess until Christmas break.

Some days my house is actually boring.  Today was not one of those days.  Nothing like a good old-fashioned food fight to keep things interesting.  Anyone want to come over for dinner?


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