Who Wants to Help with the Laundry?

Dear Three Faithful Readers, 

I need some real help.  Some real opinions.   Good or bad, bring it.

I do all the laundry.  I sort it, wash it, fold it, and put it into three baskets for each of my kids.  Their only responsibilities in the laundry process are to bring the dirty clothes down and put their baskets away.  With the exception of a few times when I ask them to cycle the laundry, I do all of it.  I’ve been noticing that no one has been taking down the basket or putting away their laundry.  It’s really the only two things they have to do in the entire process.  They have to bring the laundry to me, and put it away when I’m done, get it? 

I made a declaration (I make a ton of them, unfortunately) last week that if they didn’t start bringing their clothes down or putting their baskets away then they would have to start doing all their laundry.  They’re 14, 11, and 9.  I’m obviously not going to leave them with dirty clothes, but can you meet me halfway?  They’re supposed to bring it down on Saturdays and Wednesdays, take their basket of clean clothes when I’m done, bring me the empty one, and the process starts all over.  It’s not rocket science, people, it’s laundry.

I went down Sunday night and Kasey and Lindsey had full baskets of clean clothes that had been there since Thursday, there was a completely full dirty clothes basket upstairs, and I had enough.  Shelby had taken her basket up on Friday, but I announced to Kasey and Lindsey that they were now responsible for doing their laundry.  In all fairness, I’ve been threatening this for weeks, I have to stop threatening and follow through.  But the question I’m wondering is if it’s too harsh.  I know there are people out there that make their kids do all their own laundry, and I know they’ll need to know how to do it eventually, but I’m just at a point that I can’t do it all. 

What do you think?



  1. carikelley

    Really? You do all the laundry? Everyones? Cory has done all of his own laundry, start to finish, for about 2 years. He just throws darks, lights, everything in one load. He also learned the hard way not to wait till bedtime to throw them in the washer. (cuz they don’t move to the dryer overnight by themselves ;))

    Most of Cameron’s are still integrated in the family laundry, but she’s responsible for getting them to the laundry room and sorting. Then she sorts the clean, dry ones and pulls hers out and puts it away (sorta).

    They’ll only have to wear dirty underwear one time before they get it. sorry girls. Go momma!

  2. Michael Booth

    Absolutely make them do their own laundry! We had problems with our kids bringing us clean clothes in their laundry. “we will no longer wash clean clothes” was the declaration. They said “Fine we can do our own laundry” It is amazing how appreciative they have become and when it is laundry time, the baskets show up and the clean clothes get put away. If we find clean clothes in the dirty laundry then they do their own laundry for a month. They will appreciate what you do for them more if you make them do their own and they will be able to do their own once they are on their own.

  3. I love doing laundry. I also love sweeping, washing dishes….(I know, I know)
    But I have had to realize that my girls need to learn to do chores too, or else they will grow up and have messy houses and that will just drive me crazy….anyway, my oldest (15) helps with laundry. It is her main chore. Once she realized that it is her responsibility, she just knows she has to get it done before doing other stuff. So, maybe start teaching your oldest how to correctly do it and let her help. Then SHE can yell at the other two when they don’t follow the rules! 🙂

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