Life Goes On

I saw Marley & Me this summer and asked the question if it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.  In my original post I talked about Max and Spirit and how Spirit died shortly after we got him.  We had to put Max to sleep yesterday.  It’s the worst decision anyone should ever have to make.  But he was in pain, he had gotten mean, and he was a bully to our other dog, Angel. 

But life goes on.  It’s always fascinated me but life does go on.  Here’s our Angel in her new bed.

Angel in her new bed

You can tell she’s sad (when she’s not sleeping).  She’s mopey and she hasn’t realized the benefit of not having to fight for her food.  She stays mostly in the kitchen sniffing around.  She’s looking for Max.  I think we all are. 

I promise I’ll be fun Christy by next week.  Things HAVE to get better.  They really do!


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