(500) Days of Christy?

I saw (500) Days of Summer earlier this year and it was my favorite movie of the year (sorry, New Moon).  Side bar:  Out on DVD December 22nd if anyone needs a Christmas idea for meAnyway…..I loved it, but it was so sad.  I wanted to pick up Joseph Gordon-Levitt and put him in my pocket.  He’s so adorable and has some Heath Ledger tendencies and expressions.  A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.  I wanted them to work out, but they said at the beginning it was not a love story.  Spoiler alert!  Ultimately it was the story of real life, but with a script. 

It started with a note from the writer that  all the characters and events were fictional.  “‘Especially you, Jenny Beckman…….B*tch”.  It was actually very funny.  Then it went through the days of the relationship between Summer and Tom, and you could see it move from the happy first few days to sadness as it finally came to an end.  It moved around in the relationship from the beginning (day 1) to the end (day 500, get it?) and all the days in between.  It was so good.

One of the things that Summer said after they broke up was that she’d found the thing with someone else what she was looking for with JGL Tom Hansen.  He thought he had it with her, but she couldn’t force it, it just wasn’t there.  And as much as I wanted a happily ever after for them, I think too many times it’s forced without looking at the actual facts.  I was too busy wanting a relationship to see that it wasn’t right, it wasn’t working.  I forced it.  I always knew it would work out like it did because you can’t make a relationship work on hope.

Kasey wants me to date again.  She asked me why I don’t put myself out there and start dating.  Oh, if it were only that easy.  I started dating the monkey at 19.  19!  Do you know how long ago that was?  Well, I’ll tell you.  It was 19 years ago.  Half my life ago was my last date.   That’s depressing.  I will date again.  I have to get through my social anxieties and find a filter that goes from my brain to my mouth, because I tend to let whatever I’m thinking come right out of my mouth. 

For instance, I met a guy at church that was really nice.  I didn’t realize at first he was dating someone else.  He was a little bit older, but I liked him.  So one day he told me that he and whatsherface got married and I said, “I’m so sorry”.  Huh?  Like someone had died.   He looked at me funny and said, “No, it’s really good”, and I said, “Of course it is, congratulations”.  We haven’t spoken since.  Really?  I’m so sorry?  Filter, please.



  1. carikelley

    They sell those at Lowe’s, I think…I’ll grab one for you while I’m there if they have your size. I’ll get one that even filters out all of those allergens. :0)

    Your candid-ness is what I love best about you…you hold nothing back. No one ever has to wonder how you feel. and, yes, that can be a good thing. You’ll find someone who finds it endearing, if not utterly attractive.

    • christyd4

      I’m glad someone loves it. Make sure the filters are buy one get one free so I can stock up. Awwww yeah! Thanks!!

  2. Sometimes having no filter is a good thing. Probably makes you fun to be around? 🙂
    I on the other hand have too much filter, I can be filtering everything and end up saying nothing. Not so much fun to be around. 🙂

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