It’s Almost our YOF Trip!

Sometimes I find myself running my family as a unit instead of rasing three individuals.  It’s really hard to spend individual time with each of them on a daily basis.  I try really hard, but two days a week I take Kasey and Lindsey to school and then don’t see them until the following day.   It’s unfortunate, but it’s a fact of our life right now.

I’m full of ideas.  All kinds of them.  A couple of years ago I thought of this awesome idea that when the girls reach a certain age, I will take each of them on an individual trip of their choice because it’s rare that I have time to spend just uninterrupted time with each of them, and a trip like this is something they’re going to remember for the rest of their lives. 

It was called the Year of Thirteen trip and there were a few conditions.  They have to like me, their grades have to be good, and it has to be in the continental United States.  Because when I told them about it, they started yelling out places and I heard Paris.  Then I realized I had to reign it in.   Shelby’s first and she immediately wanted to go to New York, Kasey wanted San Diego, and Lindsey hadn’t decided yet. 

Then the economy fell and a bunch of shows closed, so it turned into a Year of Fourteen trip, but it’s still on.   Not only is it still on, but it’s March 2010.  It’s changed a little and my step-mom is meeting us there, but the idea is still the same.  All the attention’s going to be on Shelby.  She gets to decide what shows we see, what we do.  And it’s going to be so much fun.

Here’s the problem.  Shelby has had a really hard time adjusting to high school and she’s having some trouble with her grades.  I got her second quarter progress report the other night and her grades aren’t great.  When I got mad at her, she didn’t seem to appreciate all the love I was giving her in the form of encouraging (read yelling at) her to get her grades up.  So the day after that I reminded her of the conditions to go on her YOF trip were that she get good grades and that she still like me and I felt that we didn’t have either one of those on that day.  She agreed.  We’re a work in progress, but God willing, we’re four months away from spending a week in NYC!

Sherri and I went to New York in 1997 and I loved it so much, I can’t wait to go back!  She’d better start liking me again soon, and get her grades up!  She has until Winter Break or I’ll be looking for someone else to go with me to New York.  Any takers?



  1. Sister Sherri

    That is my spot if she doesn’t get to go. We can repeat our ’97 trip all the way down to our 15 minutes of fame outside of Madison Square Garden. I’ll start packing now!!

  2. Cindi

    I will be a backup if God forbid, Sherri falls ill or breaks a limb, God forbid.


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