Mmmmmm……….Christmas Ham

This is a sensitive subject, especially right now, so I’m going to tread lightly.

Kasey’s Spanish teacher came up to us one afternoon and hugged Kasey and said, “I don’t like your kids at all.”  I said, “Yeah, me neither”, and we got a good laugh about it.  She stood there a couple more minutes and told me how much she loved Kasey and how great she was in class, and on and on.  I was like, “What? My Kasey?”, but it was.  My Kasey is chatty and she drives teachers crazy, but I guess not in Spanish class.

So then a few minutes later she came back to make sure I understood that she was just kidding about not liking Kasey, and that she really did love my kids (What, now Lindsey’s good at school too? What’s going on?).  I’m in an alternate universe apparently.  I said of course I knew she was kidding; and then as a joke, I told her I was just kidding too when I said I didn’t like my kids either.  She hugged Kasey again and said, “Let’s just say if they’re ever missing, they’re at my house. I won’t be able to explain it to my parents, but I would love it.”  I laughed and told her that she would bring them back as soon as she got them home.  There was some more funny banter. Ha ha ha……you get the idea.

I know exactly what she was going for.  Once I was trying to tell a friend how cute and chubby I thought her baby was, and I ended up telling her you could cook him like a Christmas ham.  I obviously wasn’t going to eat her baby, but it was something I could never take back.  So, of course, I wasn’t offended.  I know my kids would never go home with their Spanish teacher, and I know she was completely joking; but she came back over again that day (why in the world was I there so long?) to make sure I knew she was kidding.  I said, of course I did and that she wouldn’t want them, ha ha ha.

How much laughing do I need to do to get you to understand that I know you’re only kidding?  Apparently a lot because that was the beginning of last week, and when she saw me this Wednesday, she wanted to make sure I wasn’t uncomfortable about what she said about stealing my kids.  She said someone had overheard her and was concerned that I didn’t know she was kidding.  Well, then I felt awful and I hope she didn’t get in trouble.  I said, again, “Of course you were kidding, I wasn’t offended at all.”  And I wasn’t offended, but it’s because I don’t think like that.  Then I thought, it’s a sad day in America where you can’t joke about liking someone’s kids so much that you want to take them home; but you really can’t.  It’s sad that we live in a world where that’s a reality.

I would rather live in a world where everyone watched out for your kids.  Where they went out after breakfast to play and came home when the streetlights came on.  But it’s not.  Unfortunately, it’s a world where you can’t even walk home from school anymore. My kids used to walk home from school every day. It was five blocks; and while I wouldn’t let them walk if it was just one of them, on more than one occassion someone has come home first because they were fighting with the other one. Shelby started walking home from school by herself in Kindergarten.  At the time we only lived eight houses away, but still, I guess you just never know.  That’s a sad day in America or anywhere.


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