Fall Season Update

I love the Fall.  So far, I’ve made no bad decisions  (yet), the weather has been awesome, and I’m looking on the bright side of all the financial issues  I’m having.  Although I did have to cancel our fall break trip to Arizona.  You’ll also be surprised to learn that I actually watched a football game.  Well, half of one, and OU ended up getting beat by Texas.  But I watched nonetheless.

I get on these kicks like no TV Monday through Thursday, chore lists, church, exercising, etc.  Church has been a big winner in my house and we’ve been going consistently for three and a half years.  I love our church and our lives are better since we started going.  The chore list, however, went the way of the dodo since I can’t afford an allowance and no one was doing it anyway.  The exercise plan (Operation Get Moving) has been going for 10 months strong, and I’m on my 12th week of working out in the morning.  I know you’re sick of hearing it, but it has to be said so I don’t quit.

My new kick is slow cooking.  I love my crock pot.  I go through a ton of recipes online looking for stuff to make in my crock pot and I love planning meals.  There’s just something about putting a meal in the crock pot in the morning and having it come out at dinner time completely done that makes me feel like a little homemaker.  It’s always so good.  I’ve made lasagna, ravioli, swiss steak (not a hit at my house) and beef tips and potatoes.  Oh, and a chocolate pudding cake.  Yes, you heard me.  I’m not proud, but it was delish.

My other kick is tennis.  I love playing tennis.  My sister and I have been playing since we were kids walking up to the water plant in the summer to play.  I wonder now if we even thought to take water.  Shelby and I rode our bikes to the court Sunday after church and played for almost two hours.  This was after playing for two hours on Saturday.  I’m so sore today, but also feel good.  I really love that Shelby is almost good enough to where we can actually play and not have to chase balls so much.  It’s surprisingly hard to find someone at your level to play.  A few years ago I was playing all the time with my friend, Danielle.  I think that’s what I miss most about her, she could keep up with my mad tennis skillz.

As for the other reason that this is my favorite time of the year:  the start of the Fall Television Season.  That will have to be another blog.  But let me just say this:  I’m enjoying Flash Forward very much, I don’t understand why Christian Slater can’t get on a good series, and I don’t know why Castle is still working with the police department even after his book has been published.  I’ll be back for more of the rest of my Fall Television Favorites.


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