I love my mother.  My mother cries at everything.  Christmas Eve service, Amy Grant concerts, the Christmas concert at OCU, church services, days that end in Y, you get the picture.  It’s really one of her charms, and she has many.  Hopefully that gets me out of the dog house.  So I was sitting at Wicked, it’s the end of the first act, they’re singing Defying Gravity, and imagine my surprise.  All of the sudden Elphaba is given her cape and she elevates over the stage, the lighting is beautiful, her voice is amazing, and I start tearing up.  I’ve turned into my mother.

Wicked was amazing.  It really is the story of how we perceive what is good and what is evil.  Blonde, blue-eyed, bubbly means she’s got to be good.  Green, wears black, not bubbly means she’s got to be bad.  The truth about it was that Elephaba wasn’t really evil, and in turn, Galinda (with a Ga) wasn’t really all that good.  Sure she was cute and an awesome singer, but when it came time to stand up for what was right, she decided to go a different path.  Okay, so I know it’s deep for a musical and Lindsey just knows that Fieryo was cute (Yum!) and Dorothy was there at the end.

Side note:  It’s hard to get all dressed up and then sit still.  Even my pants were scratchy, so I can imagine how hard it was for her in her dress with her wool coat.  She might have been too young, but you couldn’t have told her that and I wouldn’t have wanted to leave her home.

All in all, I’m probably 10 years (or whenever they won their Tonys) too late, but it really was a wonderful musical.  We had such a great time.

my little ladies at the theater

my little ladies at the theater



  1. carikelley

    awww…so glad you ladies had a day at the theater! You soooo deserve it! big thanks to the monkey for the extras!

  2. b

    I don’t know where so much emotion comes from, I’ve always been that way, I cried over Lassie.

  3. Oh you aren’t ten years too late! Wicked only opened on Broadway on 30 October 2003. It’s coming right up on 6 years, and I’ve cried during “Defying Gravity” several times, so there’s no shame in that!

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