Puttin’ the Brakes on Being Broke

I’m putting the brakes on being broke.  I’m so sick of being broke.  Dave Ramsey said there’s a difference between being poor and being broke.  He said “poor” is a mind-set.  I don’t have a poor mind-set even though I’ve never had a lot of money.  Growing up with a single mom, we struggled; now I’m a single mom, and we struggle.  This was really one of those cycles I wanted to break, I just hope it’s not too late.

The monkey has been giving Shelby money on the side and sneaking it to her so his person won’t know about it.  He said it’s for her lunch, but I pay for her lunch; so now he’s paying for parking and gas today as I take the girls to Wicked.  I bought the tickets in January for Shelby’s birthday, but now that the day is finally here I wasn’t sure how we were going to get there or pay for parking.  Darn you, Verizon Wireless!

I’ll be back this afternoon with my full review.  We’re so excited and it’s Lindsey’s first time at the theater since she didn’t get to see Rent.  Everyone’s getting dressed up in their Sunday best and it’s Sunday so it all works out.


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