I’d Like Some Cheese With My Whine Please

I just want you (my three readers) to know that I realize I don’t have problems.  I am fully aware of the fact that an overdrawn bank account and a leaky kitchen sink do not constitute a “storm” to most people.  When my daughter complains about something, I usually see if she wants to hear about the families in Africa that have to drink out of the same river they’re washing their clothes in.  She never does.  One day she was complaining so much that I told her I was going to find video of it.  Yet here I am, complaining about my overdrawn bank account and how much I hate Verizon Wireless.  The problem is that I’m on always on the edge, especially with our finances.  I never feel secure enough where one small mistake doesn’t send me over the edge.  I long to live like that, but I’m not there yet.

There are really great things in my life.  My daughter has abandoned her Facebook fauxmance and decided that boys are dumb.  Yay!  I’m smack dab in the middle of my 10th week of working out at 5:50 am.  Yes, that’s AM and if you know me then you know what an accomplishment that is.  My friend, Anna, came over on Friday and decorated Kasey’s room (insert picture here) and it looks awesome.  Kasey loves it so much.  I’m praying daily for my church’s 40 days of community and also praying for forgiveness for my whining.  I have so many good things and so many blessings that I feel really bad when I complain about something.  I just wanted you (my three readers) to know that I get sick of hearing from me too.


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  1. meandmom

    Sometimes it’s hard to put life in perspective. I totally hear ya on the constantly on edge with the finances. At least we’re in good company….so much of the nation is in that boat.

    I hope you still count me as a reader….I have been slacking totally….sorry….but I do love popping in and hearing the latest rants 🙂

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