There’s No Dating Game for Me

I’ve been thinking a lot about dating.  About how I am getting closer to being ready to date and all the anxiety that comes with being a 38 year-old mother of three girls.  Heather and I were talking about how I would actually find a date.  Not in a mean way like, “how would YOU ever find a date?”, but in a “how do you meet people when you don’t work in an office or have any outside activities that don’t involve your children?” way.   Wow, that sounds harsher than I thought.

I was listening to three 14 year-olds discussing their “requirements” for a boyfriend and it made me laugh.  “I couldn’t date someone shorter than me”, “He has to be nice”, “He can’t be fat”, “He has to have good teeth”, “He can’t have a big nose”.  It made me think of the movie Singles (circa 1992) about 20-somethings living in an apartment complex in Seattle and dealing with dating.  Bridget Fonda’s character (Janet) had such similar requirements; but as she got older, she had only one:  He has to say “bless you” after you sneeze.  Finally, Matt Dillon’s character (Cliff), who had treated her badly in the beginning of the movie, finally said it and it was happily ever after, I’m sure.  I started thinking of my requirements for a date, and I’m afraid at this point it just has to be “breathing”.  

Lindsey’s piano teacher has a boyfriend.  She’s probably in her 70’s and even she has a boyfriend or a “beau” as I call him.  Unfortunately, Lindsey thought I said she had a BO and everyone laughed thinking I was saying she had body odor.  She doesn’t, she has a beau.  I wonder if I have to wait to be in the senior citizen home to get my next date.  I sure hope not, but how do people meet people at this stage in life? 

I told Heather that in 60 more pounds I would join a coed softball team or some kind of activity to just meet people, not necessarily people to date.  I think you have to network yourself and maybe your friends have friends.  Why don’t very many single men go to church?  That’s ideally where I’d like to meet someone.  I’m obviously not going to meet someone in my house, but wouldn’t it be nice if Mr. Right (or Mr. Right-Now) knocked on my door?  Wait…….nope, it wasn’t him.


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