But For the Grace of God Go I…….

I was taking the girls to church on Wednesday night and had just gone through a light when I had to stop quickly.  The lady behind me also stopped quickly, but it looked like she had sped up really fast and then stopped.  Then she did it again, and I thought, Oh Lord, this lady’s going to hit me.  What is she doing?  I was glaring in my sideview mirror and couldn’t go anywhere.  I was so worried that she was going to hit me and was bracing myself for it.  She had to have been crazy, at least in my mind.

It turns out that she had gotten hit from behind, twice.  Like the guy behind her hit her, then the guy behind him hit him and he hit her again. I felt awful.  The minute before I was griping about how she almost hit me and then I was thanking her for holding on to her brake so she didn’t hit me.  This all happened in a span of probably three minutes, but had the potential to ruin our entire night.  Lindsey asked me who would have gotten hurt the worst if she would have hit us and I said, “my wallet”.  The fact is that we probably wouldn’t have been hurt and it didn’t look like the lady was, but that would have been a huge hassle.

We went on our way and said a prayer all the way to church thanking God that we hadn’t gotten hurt and praying the everyone involved was okay.  I can’t even tell you how grateful I felt to have not been in that accident.  But I also felt bad for my misperception that she was crazy or something, an erratic driver, I thought.  Then I wondered how many times our perceptions are wrong.  I’ll bet a lot.


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  1. That’s a good lesson to keep in mind. We should never judge others before walking a mile in their shoes (and probably reserve judgement even then).

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