I’ve Created a Monster

I’ve mentioned before that my now 14-year-old daughter is immature for her age.  Immature compared to her friends and I say immature in a good way.  She doesn’t follow a lot of the world, she’s never had a boyfriend, never really been interested in boys.  She thinks for herself and she doesn’t seem to care what other people think.  I love her.

So on the day I picked her up from the 8th grade mission trip, I noticed her saying goodbye to the boys.  High fiving all the boys.  I was like, “Wha’…..Huh?  What’s going on here?”  She’s never spoken to boys, and now she’s high-fiving all of them?  Not literally “never” because she had friends that were boys at school, but not like this. 

She’s not allowed to date, but one day I casually mentioned one of the boys that I thought would be acceptable if she were to date.  Good family, nice kid, involved in church, all you’d want in a boy courting your daughter.  Courting–Ha!  In two short months I’ve completely created a monster and now she’s facebooking with this boy, she doesn’t want to sit with me at church anymore because the high school group sits together, she’s talking to this boy at her youth group.  It’s all too much (for me) and it’s not that much at all, but she’s turned into a giggly girl almost overnight.

I seriously thank God every day that I have the good kid I do because I know how much worse it could be.  I do see what’s out there and what she could be without the right kind of direction.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking the credit for it, it’s all God.  He is the only reason we’re keeping this all together.

She's the one on the right

She's the one on the right



  1. hannahnow

    What a nice story! Yes Mom, it does happen over night. However, it sounds like she’s doing just fine! Have a Blessed Day!


  2. Love this picture of all you beautiful girls. I feel like I’m just steps behind you as my girl has recently started texting with a boy after years of insisting there was no use for them. Uuuggghhhh!


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