How Full is Your Glass?

I try to be glass half full.  It’s exhausting really.  I’m dealing with two (three with me) very hormonal girls.  Lindsey’s too young and she’s almost too sunny, if you can imagine.  I love her.  Oh, except when she’s tired.  I mean I still love her, but she’s certainly not sunny.  I wonder how she’s going to be when she’s hormonal. 

Since I’ve been walking so much this year, I’ve been trying to get the girls involved in it and taking them on some fun family walks.  Like going to McD’s for ice cream, which is three miles round trip; going to the other McD’s and the dollar store, which is also three miles.   We have several places mapped out on my new obsession  Tomorrow we’re walking to Wendy’s for lunch, it’s 3.5 miles round trip.  We live in the most awesome location and there is a bike path right down from us, which we affectionately refer to as Coyote Ugly since we’ve seen several coyotes walking in the trees by the river.  You can go anywhere in the city on that path.  I have a map of the city’s bike paths, and we highlight the places we’ve been on there.

Did you know that I live in a place that has more sunny days than Florida?  We have beautiful weather and can spend so much time outside and away from the TV.  But when I have a grouchy, hormonal 13 year old it’s hard to get anyone motivated for a three mile walk, especially me.  It’s hard enough for me to get motivated to get up, let alone everyone else when I’m dealing with that.  Except Lindsey.  She’s always the first one that wants to go with me.  She wants to ride her bike next to me and share my headphones while telling me to keep up and get moving.  She’s my little personal trainer when Heather’s not here.

That was the story with today.   Shelby didn’t want to go.  She did want to go, she was just taking a bad attitude with her, which I told she could leave at home.  So not only did she leave her bad attitude at home, she left her whole self.  Fine by me.  But as we started on our family walk with a fractured family, it just didn’t seem right.  Kasey, Lindsey, and I had so much fun going to the McD’s, and the Walgreens, then the Dollar Tree; but there was someone missing.  We were there walking around, no real agenda.  There’s something so freeing about being out there with no car and no worries, just walking around.  Once I’m out there I love it, but getting out there is where the problem lies.  I do enjoy walking to a location rather than just walking.  I like to have a purpose, I’m a multi-tasker.

Shelby told me she just needs a little push to get out and then she’s fine.  I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes.


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  1. carikelley

    I’m so jealous! that would be so fun! We have several places to walk to, but nobody that’s intersted in exploring on foot but me. (Cory is happy to walk all over town with his friends, but if I suggest it…forget it)

    Good luck getting Shelby to go! Tell her it’ll be no fun w/o her!

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