No TV Tuesday on Monday Through Thursday

I’m always trying something new with my kids and the way things run in our house.  I go to school during the week and by Thursday, I’m plugging back in and praying that things aren’t falling through the cracks.  Unfortunately, things are always falling through the cracks. 

After a conversation with them regarding their time management and homework, I decided that they were rushing through their homework every day in order to watch TV.  As it turns out, most of the high school homework in this house is just studying.  And if you’re rushing through your homework and the studying in order to get to the TV, computer, DS, then you’re not doing your best work or getting good scores on your tests.  Also, am I the only mother on the planet that has trouble with their kids and legibility?  I sure hope not. 

So we just finished week one and I made my kids practice the phrase, “I don’t watch TV during the week”.  Seriously, we have a DVR, we’re not missing anything, but during the week, it’s just too much.  They need to be either studying, reading, or doing something crazy like math.  I’m not completely unreasonable about it, and they are able to play on the computer or their DS from 8:30 until 9:00 if their homework is done, but they really  need something else to focus on besides the mindless TV even if it is only Monday through Thursday.

Hopefully this won’t go the way of the dodo, but so far it’s gone really well.  Even at the monkey’s house, if you can imagine.  We’re getting back into the swing of things with dance lessons, school activities and piano lessons, and something has to give.  We decided it’s the TV.   Turn it off, people, and see what other productive things you can find to do!


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