What Would Bob Stoops Think?

Did you know that it’s a goal for me every year to see if I can go a whole football season without seeing even ONE professional football game?  Did you know that I used to spend both Saturday and Sunday just lounging on the couch with my husband, never leaving the house, just to watch football from August through January?  Those were great times.  Did you also know that I didn’t know that said husband also had a gambling problem?  Nope, sure didn’t.  Not until he lost a great deal of money on a game did I understand why he was always so interested in the outcome of random games.

So ever since I didn’t HAVE to watch football anymore, I really haven’t.  Unless, of course, you’re talking about my beloved Sooners and even that’s hit or miss.  I could really take it or leave it.  I like to have it on in the background, but I’m okay not sitting down to watch the whole thing unless it’s a big game like a championship, Texas, or Nebraska.  It seems almost sacrilegious growing up in Oklahoma to say that you don’t stop life when the game is on, but I feel like football has been ruined for me.  You know, like playing golf, bowling, softball, any sport really.

So as football season fast approaches, I start to think of the things I’ll be doing instead of watching football and the possibilities are endless.  I’ll go to the grocery store when the Broncos are on and the place will be empty.  I’ll take the girls hiking or we’ll go on a bike ride.  I’ll finish the blanket I’m crocheting, but it’s been too hot to finish.  I’ll bake pumpkin bread and banana bread and an assortment of other breads.  I’ll take the girls to a movie or have “no electronics Sunday” and just play board games.

Enjoy your football season, and I’ll keep tabs on my Sooners while also having a life.



  1. carikelley

    Good for you…football is overrated. Did I just say that?! Don’t tell anyone here in OK that I said that! at least don’t tell Bob.
    I do enjoy an occasional Sooners game–esp. from Norman! But I avoid pro ball like the bubonic plague. Luckily Kevin can take it or leave it.

  2. Cindi Dilts

    BS is my friend on FB so hopefully he won’t see Cari’s comment about football being overrated and especially hoping our beloved cousin Sam doesn’t get wind of that kind of talk.
    I do still love football, the Broncos are even starting to grow on me (I know, I am such a good wife) but think I mostly love football weather and the food that goes along with watching a game.
    I am definitely open to getting out with the kids on Sundays and giving Chris a few peace-filled hours to watch the game, so let’s plan to do some fun things this year.


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