Letter to My Oldest Daughter

Dear Oldest Daughter,

As you embark on your first day of high school, I pray that you have the strength and the wisdom to make good choices.  I pray that you find the right friends and that you have someone to eat lunch with.  I pray that you find your first class.  I pray that you have attained some organizational skills that I don’t have to be able to keep your schedule straight.  I pray that you aren’t too overwhelmed with homework.  I pray that you’re able to overcome peer pressure and find your own way. 

I remember your first day of kindergarten.  I took a million pictures of you.  I remember the sunflower skirt, white t-shirt and denim vest you wore.  You were adorable.  You told me I was going to make you late and to let you go in with your friends, even though you didn’t know anyone yet.  I sat out front for a long time before I took your sisters home and just waited for you to be done with your half day.  Even a half day was too long for me.  You were so little and I felt like I was feeding you to the wolves.

I remember your first day of middle school in your blue uniform shirt and jeans.  I sat in the gym at new student orientation as they talked to you about your schedule.  I was so scared for you that you wouldn’t know where your locker was or remember the combination.  I remember walking out and seeing the 8th graders coming in, some boys already had facial hair, and panicking that they were going to be in the same school as you.  They looked so old.  We went to Quizno’s for lunch after the half day was over and you were so excited to go back the next day.  You thought it was so cool that you had a locker and got to switch classes. 

You made it through the trials of middle school completely unscathed, except for a little friend drama that was much less severe than others in your group, and who could forget your stolen iPod; but in high school there are a whole new set of issues.  I pray every day that you come through them as unscathed as middle school. 

My dear oldest daughter, you are setting the example for your sisters and so far you’ve done an excellent job.  It’s hard being the oldest, as Aunt Sherri will tell you, but you’re doing great, and I know you’ll do even better in high school.  As age 14 approaches much more quickly than I’d like, and I realize that in four short years you will have graduated, I try to keep my anxiety to a minimum.  I pray I can do at least that much and just let God take over since He’s really in charge anyway.




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  1. Heidi

    Christy, that was BEAUTIFUL!! Your girls are lucky to havve you for a mom!!

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