Summer ’09 – Phase One

I mentioned earlier the love affair the previous owners had for the color blue. I’m seriously not exaggerating. Seriously. For the blue dining room wall and the front living room wall, which I think was a very pale shade of blue, I went with a chocolate brown. I might have chosen it for the name, “Labrador”. I know it’s wrong, but the name does influence me. The problem I have is that the carpet in the living room is blue (I KNOW) and a little grey, I think it’s a berber-ish kind.  Because of the color, I couldn’t go with a real tan for the other two walls, but I wanted something a little more warm than the very pale blue.

So here’s  the dining room before:



The clock is stuck on 8:05. When we have game night it’s like time stands still. The picture is a photograph my dad took on the beach in San Diego two years ago when we went that my stepmom had made into a canvas. I think I might like to eventually frame it.

When I got the dining set from my grandma, the chairs were a pea green corduroy. I originally went with the blue and yellow, you know, some sort of French countryside theme. Then I painted my previous dining room a wine color (or Sooner crimson) and changed the chairs to the flower pattern. However, since I’m a non-finisher, only two of the six chairs actually have the flower pattern. I’m working on that after this painting.

Here is the after:



Don’t you love Labrador on the wall? I think I might even like the wallpaper (which is to the right and you can’t see, sorry) with the new color. It looks darker than it really is because it’s late and the sun isn’t shining in. And I don’t know what’s up with the water spots on the right-hand side. I’ve cleaned my cheap camera, but you get the idea.

Stay tuned for the rest of the living room and the kitchen when I completely abolish the blue. Oh wait, I will have to paint the door jambs down the hallway if I want to get rid of all the blue. Door jambs, really? Oh yeah, you have no idea.



  1. Cindi

    That looks great, I love the dark color!

    The 8:05 on game night never stops being funny!

  2. carikelley

    I likey! Good for you…methinks that even if you, at one time, liked the color blue a little bit…you’re probably not allowing ANY of it to stay! Purge the blues!


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