Home Project – Summer of ’09

I am the queen of the unfinished project.  Not just here, but everywhere I’ve ever lived.  I have high expectations as I start something new only to not finish it completely.  I get bored. Also, I don’t really enjoy the little details at the end, you know, the touch up painting and fixing the paint on the ceiling. 

I’ve lived here three years and I’ve done the upstairs bedrooms (with the help of my friend Anna), the office, and the upstairs bathroom.  Carlos helped me with my office, so it’s really finished, but it’s crazy cluttered since I lost my sewing room (I know, enough with the sewing room whining).  The bathroom still has yellow paint on the ceiling, which I’m actually going to fix this time.

The people that lived here before me, who I love, had a love affair with blue.  Seriously.  EVERYTHING is blue.  The walls, the kitchen (including the ceiling), the carpet, the hall, the wallpaper, the previous bathroom that I changed to yellow.  It’s all blue all the time.  So this year, the summer project is even more lofty than past years.  I’m painting the living room, hall, kitchen (including the ceiling), dining room, and entryway.  It’s a lot and since I’m still the queen of the unfinished project, I’ll have to let you know how it goes. 

The really exciting part of all this is that rhymes with Schlowe’s has mistinted paint for $2.00 a quart. Isn’t that crazy? Not only that, but they had two colors that were close to the color I wanted for my living room so I bought them and am going to mix them. So not only am I painting everything, it’s going to be on a budget, and I’m painting two of my living room walls for $4.00. Don’t be a hater, you too can get mistinted paint if you know where to look, but I had no idea.

Be sure to check back for the before and after pics.  Hopefully the accountability of my blog will encourage me to finish this year’s project completely.


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  1. carikelley

    Ohhhh, pics! Can’t wait to see!

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