“What Are You Doing With Your Time?”, you ask.

Wow it’s been five days since the last of my little ones have left and I’m already ready for them to be back. I was actually ready on the way back from the airport because the silence in the car was deafening.

On Saturday I went on an 11 mile bike ride, to Chic-fil-A for dinner, worked at the church, and went to see My Sister’s Keeper (the feel-good movie of the year….HA!).   I haven’t read the book, but heard it was very different.  It was good, very sad of course, but good.

All in all, I’m just exercising to get ready for my tri on August 2nd, begging my mom to reload her Skype so I can see the girls, and calling everyone I’ve ever known to see if they’ll talk to me or go to a movie.  Are you by the phone?


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  1. carikelley

    You are quite the socialite. I can see how it would be hard for you to be alone!
    maybe you can come up with some blogity topics for me–I’ve been slacking over at carikelley.com. OR you could guest post!?
    How’s your bible in a year going?
    Yep, i’m by the phone right now—-and all day long! call me!

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