Tell Me About Your Firsts

I was reading an article the other day talking about first times.  Not THAT “first time”, but the first time you experienced something like a really good TV show.  He was talking about shows that he liked so much that he wishes he could experience them again for the first time.  His examples were Buffy, Picket Fences, Lost, Alias.  There were 17 and I can’t remember them all, but it got me thinking.  So much so that I had trouble sleeping.

I was thinking of the first time I saw Rent on Broadway.  Sherri brought me the Rent CD when she came to visit in early 1997 and we watched the Tony’s together that same year.  I say “together”, but she was in Tulsa and I was in Denver.  We decided that night that we were going to plan a trip to New York and we did, in October of 1997.   The first tickets we got were for Rent.  I remember what I wore, the excitement I felt, where we sat, and the sadness I felt when the first song was over because we weren’t going to see it again.  We actually did see it again when we won 2nd row lottery tickets.  And even though I’ve seen it three more times when it’s been through Denver,  it will never match that first time.

Then I thought about other first times.  Again, not THAT first time, but the first time I kissed my SHM.  The first time I walked into the company where I work, 15 years ago.  I remember the excitement of working there and how much I wanted that job.  It was a big-girl job.  I remember moving to Denver 19 years ago, and the first time I drove Parker Road.  I can actually remember what everything looked like and the feeling of having no idea where I was going.  I like the feeling of trying something new, the exhilaration of it all.  Then there’s the first time I held each one of my beautiful babies.  I would love to have that over again.

There are also the first time times you don’t necessarily want to relive.  The first time I left my husband.   The first time I realized I’d never hear from my dad again. The first time I saw Titanic.  It was the theater and I was pregnant and an emotional mess.  On a lighter note, I remember the first time I saw Dumb and Dumber.  It was also in the theater and I felt dumb and dumber for paying for that (sorry, Cindi, I know you love that movie). 

What firsts do you wish you could experience again? Here’s the article so you can think about some TV shows you might want to re-experience. Mine, of course, is Grey’s Anatomy.




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