No Day But Today (for Updates)

I had an absolutely wonderful birthday.  Even though most of it was spent at the dress rehearsal for the recital, it was still a lot of fun. 

Saturday was the dance recital and the girls did so good.  I see the really little ones now and remember briefly that mine were that little once.  Shelby used to do a lot more of the dances, but she cut back because of middle school.  I think she wished she would have done more than the three she did, but she had a great time.  Lindsey fell at the dress rehearsal and was panicked that she’d fall again, but she didn’t.  The monkey brought his motley crew and then told Shelby he was leaving after Lindsey’s dance so I wouldn’t be uncomfortable and for her to explain it to Lindsey.  He actually left early so he didn’t have to stay for the whole three hours, but whatever.  Go peddle your lies somewhere else.

Sunday we went to church and then my mom, the older two girls and I went to see Rent.  Shelby’s been singing Rent since she was 2, but I decided that Lindsey was too young to see the musical so my mom got her ticket.  I have seen it probably 5 times including twice on Broadway, but you’re not as aware of the language until you’re sitting with your children.  Anyway, they loved it and it’s just so different seeing it live than seeing the movie.  Also, Mark and Roger were played by the original two that played them in the movie and on Broadway so that was a treat.

Sunday was also a year since my dad died.  In case you’re wondering, I haven’t dealt with it yet or I’d be in a fetal position on the floor or unable to get out of bed.  I’m pushing it down.  I feel it coming up and then I stuff it down as far as I can.  I know it’s going to come flowing out like a volcano, but I just can’t deal yet.  I have two more weeks of school and then a week’s break, and then I’m sure there will be something else to keep me from dealing with it.

My mom left this morning with my little Shelby.  Actually not so little as I demonstrated when I tried to pick her up and almost threw out my back.  I’m getting old, or she is.  The house is so quiet.  I have my last two speeches to give this week.  I have to give a 20 minute one on whatever I want and after reading over my blogs I almost did it on The Worst Hard Time, but decided I was going to do it on The Alchemist.  Even though I had a hard time getting into the book, once I did I really liked it.  Then the twist at the end was really wild.  Also, I have the audiobook that I downloaded for free on itunes so I can listen to it today while I work and take some notes.  Yes, I do always wait until the last minute.

There you go.  I only have two kids for 10 more days and then all my kids are going to be living it up in Oklahoma with my mom.  They are going to have such a good time.  Much more fun than hanging around here staring at me all day watching me work (or blog actually).  B-O-R-I-N-G.


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