Have You Met My Friend?

Let me preface this by saying that I have an awesome family, one member lives close and the rest live really far away.  I was feeling really lonely at one point and my sister said that sometimes it’s the family you  make that gets you through.  I didn’t really have a lot of friends at the time, and I still don’t, but now, I have the best best friend on the planet.  I long to be as good a friend to her as she is to me.  Now before you say “nuh uh, my best friend is the best”, you have to hear about my best friend. 

We met 8 years ago at work.  She started as an intern and we worked together for several months.  I’ve stated before that I don’t really like new people so I’m sure I wasn’t friendly at first, but she grew on me.  In a series of unfortunate events, she ended up doing my job and they shipped me to a department I hated.  Don’t worry, it has worked out great for me because I’m working at home now and loving every day.  If you have to work (and I do),  it might as well be in sweat pants.

We started hanging out outside of work and going to movies, we exchanged Christmas, birthdays, shared a hatred for a certain former boss, you know, the good stuff.  We went to Lake Dylan and took pictures of the frozen lake, I do love a road trip.  It’s a joke with my kids that the first time she met them, she came over after work and had dinner or hung out or something and left right before bath time.  They all went in and got ready for their bath, but ran out before she left to say good-bye.  So there they were, a 5, 3, and 1 year old standing at the screen door naked waving good-bye.  We don’t have a lot of company.

So here’s why she’s my best friend.  She’s so considerate.  She thinks of everything.  She gave the monkey the name “the monkey” (as in monkeys could do a better job than he does).  She took my kids to church every Wednesday night when I started school so they didn’t have to quit their program halfway through.  She helped me disassemble the biggest bunk bed loft you’ve ever seen and even climbed into my asbestos-filled attic.  (not really asbestos, but a lot of insulation)  Then she helped me put together another bunk bed and paint rooms.  She’s always good for manual labor.  She constantly thinks of things I forget.  She got me a care package for my cruise including snacks, trashy novel, kleenex, hand sanitizer, rag mag, etc.  Who thinks of that stuff?  She does.  

She takes my kids shopping for my birthday and Christmas so they can get me something.  She does too much, but they love her to death and it’s so special for them to be able to get me a gift.  This is something I’m going to pay forward one day because a lot of people don’t think about single moms on their b-day or Christmas and make sure they have something special from their kids.  In a married couple, the husband would typically get you something from the kids, that all stops when the divorce happens. 

Yesterday was my birthday AND the dress rehearsal for the kids’ recital.  She came and sat through the torturously long dress rehearsal, took me to TGIFridays for non-diet approved food, and then took Shelby to Target to replace the cake that was ruined.  See previous post for that story.  Oh, and the best part, she got me an “8” and a “1” candle and didn’t make them say “81”.  My cake said that I was a sprite 18 again.  Oh, just 20 years ago that was true.  I wonder what I was doing then, I’m sure I was up to no good; but I know for sure that I didn’t have a friend like her.



  1. meandmom

    You are a lucky gal to have such a friend!


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