Now or Never

To my friends and family:  I was gone for the last Grey’s Anatomy, but felt really weird about not posting my thoughts so here it is.  I promise it’s the last one until the Fall.  I won’t go on and on because it’s old news. 

I have to be honest and say that I read a spoiler so I knew it was George.  It still made me cry.  Again, like a baby.  My sister wanted to know why I didn’t let her tell me it was George, but I had to read it on TWoP because they have the snarky recap I crave.   So, anyway, it didn’t matter that I knew, it was still very sad.  I really liked George.  I liked him when he joined the army.  I didn’t like him with Meredith, Izzie or Callie, but he was a good doctor and as long as he wasn’t in a relationship he was good with me.

I’ve had a love hate relationship with Izzie for the whole show, but mostly it’s been love.  When Denny died (the first time) I cried and cried.  I loved her when she finally got it together with Alex.  I hated that they didn’t bring her daughter in to say good-bye.  Why can’t they tie up all the ends?

I did love when McSteamy tried to ask Lexi to move in and was getting all the signals crossed.  The fact that Derek witnessed it was also very funny.  Derek and Meredith’s “wedding” in the locker room was completely appropriate.  And I hate that Bailey and her fabulous hair are getting divorced.

I’m excited for the Fall for Grey’s Anatomy only.

For Shonda Rhimes’ eyes only:  I will never watch Private Practice again.  See ya, sucker!  The whole Violet storyline was way too far out of the realm of possibility.  And more importantly, the fact that Addison made out with Noah while his wife was dying/going into labor was way too much even for me.


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