Welcome to My Personal Hell

This will be brief since I don’t want to give it anymore attention than it deserves. 

I try all the time to be a better person.  My mom and dad weren’t in the same room with each other, at least I don’t remember them in the same room together.  It helped that he moved to another state and the only time I really remember them together was at my grandpa’s funeral and high school graduations.  So, here I am, trying to be a better person; but I’m not. 

The stupid, ridiculous, moronic, masochistic monkey is moving to my neighborhood.  Not just my neighborhood, one street over.  Not just one street over, but one street and five houses down.  If you’re screaming, “WHY?”, then you know exactly what I did.  Is our city really so small that the only place he could find a place is one street and five houses over?  No, it’s not.

Here’s the kicker:  the reason that they have to move is that his “girlfriend/girl he left me for/..you know..” is a convicted felon and the apartments they’re living in have new owners and don’t want her there so they’re not letting them renew their lease.  This gladly wasn’t my problem until they decided to move one street over.  I’ve already seen them driving over to it while I was walking with the girls.  I’m really trying not to hate people, but will no one work with me?

If you’re wondering about the convicted felon part, she was in prison for six years for trying to hire someone to kill her first husband.  Did you say “winner”?  Yeah, me too.  Both of them.  

There goes the neighborhood.



  1. carikelley

    ok, I knew when I saw the title of your post who it would be about…I’m speechless, too, except for the few “WHat?” and “WHY?” questions and the insane felony part.

    I’ll bet the girls are happy though? That’ll be great trying to hide your feelings on that one!

  2. meandmom


    A part of me just died over here for you…..Are you sure you don’t want to relocate to Seattle? Like fast!

    There is nothing about what is about to happen to your world that is ok! I can’t believe you are even composed enough to string a sentence together!

    They do make it hard not to hate, don’t they???

    OK….now…on to constructive ways to deal with this…..

    ummmmm……you got me……wine? vodka? tears? wailing fits?

    prayer….lots and lots of prayer….I’ll send knee pads! 🙂 Good luck!


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