The Last Frontier

I am back from Alaska. I LOVED Alaska! I had the best time and the country was beautiful. To call Alaska “the last frontier” is truly an understatement. It was fascinating to see parts of the country that have never been touched by man. To visit cities that could only be accessed by sea or air was amazing to me.

Juneau, Sitka, and Ketchikan were the cities we visited with Juneau having approx. 30,000, Sitka having approx. 8,900, and Ketchikan having approx. 15,000 people. Juneau had two McDonald’s. It was the only place after getting on the ship that I saw fast food restaurants.

In 1959, the Russians gave Alaska back to the United States at the top of a rock wall in Sitka. I walked to the top of that rock wall and I was standing in the history. I can’t use the word “fascinating” enough.  It was all B-E-A-utiful.   Sitka had so much rich history.  There was a church that burned down in the 1960’s and when the town heard there was a fire heading toward the church they made a human chain and saved 98% of the artifacts that were kept there.  Then they rebuilt the church.  How awesome is that?!

Most of the land I saw was from our veranda on the ship as we sailed by.  I loved just being able to go out there and watch the country go by while simultaneously watching for whales.   I was completely fascinated by what’s in the ocean.  The sea is such a seemingly vast expanse of nothingness, but underneath there is a whole other world.  I wanted to see that world and experience what’s under there. 

Through all my Alaskan experience I kept thinking what an awesome God we have and wondering, “how could God make something as beautiful as Alaska and also have enough left to make me?”.


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  1. meandmom

    Great observation about creation! I’m so glad you a had a great time….you deserve it! It turns out one of my coworkers was also on an Alaska cruise the same time you were….I wonder if you ran into each other without even knowing it!

    Enjoy your day!

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