What Do You Stand For?

I have to take a speech class.  I’m not good at it.  Some people have a gift.  I don’t know what my gift is yet.  I get nervous and babble.  The first speech was on the first amendment and I sucked.  Sucked.sucked.sucked.  The next one is on me, so I thought “I know me, how hard can it be?”.  Then, I found out it’s on me and what I stand for.  The first thing I thought is that I don’t stand for anything, but I sit for everything.

Impossible and how ambiguous.  What do I stand for?  I have no idea.  I’m still on my tour of self-discovery, I seriously have no idea what I stand for.  I walked for premature babies, but only because I wanted to do a 10k in preparation for my sprint-tri that I’m doing in August.  Not that I don’t like premature babies, who doesn’t like premature babies?  But for some people they really get behind the cause and fundraise, etc.  I walked and raised $25.00 (thanks only to Cindi).  I also bagged a bunch of free stuff and was sore for four days.  Woo-freakin’-hoo for me.  Maybe next time I’ll sleep in for premature babies.

So in two days I have to find something to stand for.  Maybe I stand for laziness.  I wonder if I could speak for 15 minutes on laziness.  What do you stand for?  Is it something I could stand for just for the day?



  1. meandmom

    First of all…girl – you make me laugh! Love you! Second of all…go back and re-read your posts. I think you might find what you stand for. It’s a lot more than laziness. You stand for 3 incredible girls and showing them an example of how to live a determined life. You do it with a heart full of love and a ton of humor. You stand for integrity and honesty in parenting and in your work. You stand for loyalty and friendship. But I think the greatest speech would be about what you stated in this post already…the journey…you stand for making the journey a great one…complete with road trip photos and videos!

    Don’t be so hard on yourself!


  2. carikelley

    amen to meandmom! I was going to say exactly what she said, only she said it better! Go read your blog—your speech is practically done!

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