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To my family, Grey’s Anatomy hasn’t been on for a couple of weeks so you’ve been spared the recaps.  You can now disregard this blog.

Okay, so I can’t start without mentioning how having a 6-year-old die did nothing for my “crying like a baby” streak that I had going.  It actually almost put me over the edge.  That little girl could not have been cuter, and I could not have cried harder.

I was also a little upset to see that Mr. Molina was suicidal, but I did get to use the phrase “Come on, everybody, let’s go.  That’s right.  Green is good”.    If you haven’t seen Twilight then you didn’t get that.

I didn’t enjoy Izzie’s pranks, but when she explained that she thought she could have that chemo and still be the same person, it actually made a lot of sense.  I felt really bad for her.  What’s that deal, Shonda, is she going to live or die?  Personally I see some budget cuts coming.  And if rumors are to be believed, then it’s good-bye Izzie and George.   At least that will stop Denny’s visits from the grave (hopefully).

Lexie and Mark I still love, but I’m wondering how they’re going to cover up Meredith’s pregnancy and if they’re also going to give her an eating “disorder” like they gave Lexie.  Do people in real life not have babies anymore?  Or can they just not have them when they’re working in a hospital?  Bailey hasn’t seemed to find her balance yet, but she’s still rocking some seriously fabulous hair.  Her marriage better not break up completely.  Even if we never see Tucker, it would be nice to have the idea of a marriage working out.

I’m glad that Mark and Derek made up, I love them.  When Mark explained that he always felt kind of like a charity case, it helped us understand a little more of his history in Derek’s shadow.  Although it’s a little hard for me to believe someone that gorgeous would be in anyone’s shadow.  I love me some McSteamy.

On a side note for Shonda Rhimes only.  I need to reiterate my claim that if Addison cheats with Noah I will never watch your show again.  And if Morgan dies, I might just do a complete Shonda Rhimes boycott and I might even find a petition to sign.  I’m so over seeing people cheat.  I don’t even have to turn the TV on to see it and it all makes me sick.  I might have issues, but seriously?  I’m over it, and everyone should be too.  You can have good TV without breaking up marriages.



  1. I have to say I do love the interaction with Meredith and Lexie. I think that is well needed. I love that Derek and Mark had mend their ways, but I really wish they would get different partners for girlfriends.

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    Friendship isn’t a big thing – it’s a million little things, just the way we see with Mark and Derek!!?!

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