Enjoy the Randomness

I spent my day off catching up on shows that I record and never have time to watch.  I finally watched the last ER episode and cried like a baby.  I cry A LOT. 

I used to be a faithful watcher, but haven’t watched the last couple of years.  I would say “spoiler alert”, but if you haven’t seen it by now, you’re probably not going to.  There was a couple on there that had known each other for 72 years and the wife was dying.  They met in the 6th grade when the teacher sat them next to each other.  The husband was played perfectly by Ernest Borgnine.  When she died….you guessed it, cried like a baby.  The scene of him laying (lying?) in bed next to her was particularly heartbreaking for me.

It was also very sad when they did the final scene.  I’ve always loved John Carter and it seemed appropriate that it ended with him.  I think I stopped watching when he left the show.

In great news this week, I passed another test, and I’m 18 tests from finishing school.  Take that rhymes with Schmaren!  I saw her at Good Friday service last night, but forgot to tell her.  The service was amazing though, very dramatic.  I had a migraine from not getting enough sleep, but feel much better today.

I leave for my Alaskan cruise in exactly one month and I’m down two more pounds.  It still seems surreal. I won’t believe it until I’m standing on the deck Love Boat-style waving at perfect strangers.   I hope there’s really confetti and streamers!  Probably not.



  1. Sister Sherri

    There will be streamers and confetti. Make sure you bring them. Champagne will flow freely. Drink up! Congrats on the 2 lbs. You are doing great and will have a wonderful time. Happy Easter!

  2. meandmom

    The send off is exactly how you dream it should be! I love that part of a cruise!

    I stopped watching ER when Carter left too…I think it felt like the last of the original gang. It was fun watching all the last shows and seeing some of the original cast.

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