Life is Fragile, Handle with Care

On the way home from my mom’s today we saw a really bad accident where it turns out that two  people were killed when their car caught on fire after being hit.  When we passed it I felt as though there had to have been a death because the car was on fire and there were three other cars involved.  It looked horrific and really scared me.

I told the girls I thought everything was fine and I was sure that everyone got out even though I felt like they probably hadn’t.  There were whiteout conditions and the roads were icy, it was terrifying.  I wanted to get home, but the conditions were awful.  When we drove past I said that we should say a prayer that those people involved were safe and that we got home safe.  We were able to make it home, but two people didn’t and I feel so bad for their family, their life has been dramatically changed on one snowy road in April.

It really shows you how fragile life truly is.


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  1. Cindi

    I heard about that accident and wondered if it was around the same time you guys were on I-70. The guy in the semi that hit them is being hit with several charges, he was apparently going way too fast and driving recklessly in those conditions. Awful.

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