It’s All As it Should Be

I’m leaving Oklahoma feeling like everything is where it should be, for now at least.  I went to the SHM’s mother’s house and saw pictures of him, his pretty wife, and seemingly perfect family and realized that he’s exactly where he should be, exactly who he should be with.   I can put that in a drawer in my mind and file it.

I went shopping and looked at faces trying to see if there was a glimmer of recognition with anyone, anywhere.  I grew up here, but wouldn’t know anyone if I saw them.  I’m glad my kids come here to visit, they feel like they’re from Oklahoma too and they love spending their summers here at the lake.  

This July I will have been in Colorado for exactly half my life.  Oklahoma will always have my roots, but it’s not my home anymore.  I’m ready to go home and see where else life takes me in the future.  I’m open to all possibilities.


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  1. Sister Sherri

    We need to start thinking about cities where we are going to retire to in 25 years. Ok, 25 for me. Houses next to each other?

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