Where in the World did I Leave My SHM?

I have an SHM, a should-have-married.  Every time I’m “home” in Oklahoma I think about him.  I used to think about him much more, but over the years it’s faded a bit.  I actually had two, but the first one I knew when we were kids.  Some of my best childhood memories involve him and his family. 

I look for him on fb, but nothing yet.  He’s married, has kids, I’m sure the “perfect” life, but I wonder if he ever thinks about me. Probably not.  I just like to get nostalgic sometimes.   I could be living in a small town in Oklahoma right now.  I have no idea what I would have been doing. 

The reason I mention this is that we’re going to his town on Thursday, actually going to his mom’s to ride four-wheelers.  Wow, that really narrows it down.  I want more than anything to ask about him, to find out all his business; but I won’t.  I’ll leave his mom’s house (again) only asking generic questions to mask my curiosity for information on how he’s doing; but I want to know he’s REALLY doing.  I just want to know that he’s happy. I think I would stop thinking about him as much if I knew that he was happy with his life.

As for my other SHM, I see him on fb; but I won’t tell you if we’re “friends” or not.  Do you have an SHM?



  1. meandmom

    No SHM for me…..except for the SO and I do think we will get married one day. Funny thing is we could have never, would have never gotten married if we weren’t married to other people first.

    Have fun 4wheeling! That sounds like a blast!


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