Love in an Elevator

To my family and friends:  I have yet to find a Grey’s Anatomy support group so you’ll have to put up with me for at least one more week.  You have my apologies and continued embarrassment.

Dear Shonda Rhimes,

Bailey continues to be a rock star and I’m still loving her fabulous hair. Of course the scarf was for her, she was the only that kept coming in to see Izzie. Her other “friends” sucked. Don’t they know that she needed people? Where was her person? At the end when Alex was crying and told her what he did for her in the cup, the look on her face was priceless. “Uh, thank you.”  Oh my gosh, and when he delivered said cup to the chief during lunch, that was hysterical.  The chief moved it out of the way with his fork, and I prayed he didn’t use that again.

I loved McArmy and Christina. Seriously. Loved. Them. The PTSD is tragic, and I feel sorry for him, but I was so glad he decided to get help at the end and apologized to McMeany, who I finally liked in this episode. At the end Hunt and Christina were a little McPorny, but my sister had warned me that it was coming. (he he coming) The chief outside Alex’s room: “how’s it co…going?” I love the chief. I love everyone. I LOVE THIS SHOW again.

Meredith is dark and twisty, but she wants a future with McDreamy and what he did for her in the elevator was so awesome. She doesn’t need a traditional grand gesture and he knows exactly what to do for her. I love them together. I’m not as mad as I was a few weeks ago and I’m so glad you (Shonda Rhimes) didn’t keep him a drinker. She’s had enough of that with her dad and her crappy childhood.

I wish there would have been more McSteamy and Lexie because I love them, but they were cute and when the old lady finally died I cried like a baby. She had people and I’m afraid I’m going to die alone.

Shonda Rhimes can disregard, but at dinner tonight Shelby called a family meeting and said that when Aunt Sherri and I get old that they need to call dibs on who gets to help who. She wanted people to call dibs tonight, which made me laugh because who’s going to remember that when I’m dying in 50 or so years (God willing). Lindsey “called” me, Shelby called Aunt Sherri, Kasey called Aunt Tracie. I’m not sure which one of us is getting the short end of the stick, but I’ll let you know in 50 or so years.

And finally, as for Private Practice, Ms. Rhimes, you took me to my limit of watching your show at the very end. He showed up in the rain all sexy, and I forgot for one hot second that he was married. My hand was on the stop button and going through my head was my plan for deleting your adulterous show from my DVR Scheduled Recordings, as I said I would if she cheated. She answered the door with her shirt almost half unbuttoned even though she knew who it was. They kissed and I almost stopped immediately. The only reason I will watch for another week is that she made him leave and I want to know if she kills his wife (then I’ll stop for sure). She said she’s not a cheater. Can’t you just leave her as NOT A CHEATER?? “Having a conscience is brutal,” said Sam.  Please give Addison her conscience back.


A Too Involved Fan



  1. meandmom

    But Addison is a cheater!!! Remember??? She cheated on McDreamy with McSteamy and it lead to their divorce. I wouldn’t put any bets on Ms. Addison!

    I’m glad to be part of your GA support group! Sometimes it’s the only way I know what’s going on with that show! 🙂

  2. christyd4

    Yes, she cheated in the past, but I don’t want her to keep being a cheater. Can’t people change? Oh wait…..

  3. NancyinAtlanta

    Christy –
    Loved the show last night as well. I thought the thing with McArmy is creepy scary and Christina was drawn like a moth to the flame. It was good to see her vulnerable but I find that story line disturbing. Loved the rest of the show but as usual, cried like a baby!!!

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