Do Lambs have to Small Talk?

My friend was a guest blogger over at Where’s my Damn Answer today. She’s very funny.

I have to go to something tonight, a church function for the kids that I would rather take out my own liver and serve it with fava beans than go to. Is that wrong? We’re supposed to get a snow storm tomorrow, but why can’t it be today so we can just stay home and be? I wish I could talk them into staying home, but I’m not even going to try.

I get so few nights that I don’t have something going on that when I get one I’d rather not go anywhere. Especially to a social function that I either have to sit alone or make small talk with quasi-strangers, which I’m not even close to being good at. Would it be rude to take a book?

I wonder why I’m so bad at small talk. Here’s the problem: I’m at all ends of the small talk spectrum. Either I end up not being able to think of anything to say, to oversharing, or being completely inappropriate because I have no filter. I literally have no filter from my brain to my mouth. Unfortunately, I think all three of my girls got that same trait.

If you’re wondering if I feel like the worst mother on the planet for not wanting to go to this thing for my kids, the answer is yes. If I had no kids, I’m afraid I would be a recluse. During the summer when they go to Oklahoma, I have about 2 weeks of hanging out with friends and catching up on movies and then I feel like I’m in for the rest of the summer just missing my girls. I do realize how badly I need a life.

Did you get my obscure Silence of the Lambs reference?


1 Comment

  1. meandmom

    You are so sweet! Thanks for the mention 🙂

    I get those hide out kinda days too. Small talk though is not a problem for me….I have the opposite problem…I can talk to ANYONE….sometimes that’s not a good thing when I can’t help but saying HI to the scary looking drunk bum on the street….it makes the Beau cringe!

    Do your girls really leave for the WHOLE summer??? To monkey’s???

    I would DIE!

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