HB to Kasey

My baby is 11.  Not my baby anymore, but she’ll always be my baby.  11 years ago today I felt like I was a million months pregnant with a 2 1/2 year old and the monkey was working.  It was a Saturday and I woke up not feeling good.  I put in a movie for Shelby and laid on the couch.  She kept asking me if I was okay.  “Are you okay, Momma?”, over and over.  I wasn’t okay, but I didn’t think I was in labor. 

She was driving me crazy so I called my dad, who still lived here, to come over and get her, but he hung out for a while staring at me.  He finally convinced me to go to the hospital and I called the monkey at work to tell him I was going to the hospital, but they would probably send me home.  My dad took me to the hospital and dropped me off to go park.  I went up and they told me I was going to have a baby.  I don’t know why that’s always a surprise, I think it’s all the waiting and then FINALLY it’s time. 

Shelby came up and saw all the wires and IV and she was so upset so my dad took her home with him.  Five hours later at 9 lbs 15 ounces, my Kasey Marie came out.  Now she’s almost as tall as me and is exactly like I was as a child.  I can see now how I drove adults crazy as a child.  I love her so much and can’t believe she’s halfway to 22.



  1. carikelley

    Halfway to 22? Good grief, that’s no way to look at it!

    Happy Birthday Kasey!

  2. meandmom

    That’s one big baby! Happy Birthday Kasey and Happy Birth Day Christy!

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