Facing the Truth

To my family, please disregard once again.  I know I’m obsessed, I’m looking for a GA support group to join.

I loved this episode.  When Christina told Alex about Izzie’s cancer, I couldn’t stop crying.  She had to get it out of her head so she could do the hernia surgery.  That’s why Izzie told her so she wouldn’t have to tell anyone and she’d finally get the support she needed.  I was so happy when Izzie thanked her at the end.

I liked McMeany more this episode, and when Callie ended up having a beer too; and then Hunt went and had a beer too.  Derek kept making everyone feel just as bad as he did.   Richard is still going to be there for him when he decides he wants to come back, and of course he’ll come back.  He has to save Izzie and then she’ll probably die.  Hopefully Derek will find the ring he batted away last week, and he and Meredith will get back to where they were.  I do like McMeany’s beard.

Loved McSteamy and Lexie as always.  She is adorable and I still really like them together.  Could he be hotter?  Probably not.

I’m still interested, so thanks again for the great episode.

P.S. As for your other show, if Addison cheats I’m out.  I’ll never watch again.



  1. NancyinAtlanta

    Christy, Couldn’t wait to get back to home so I could read your thoughts on this weeks episode. I too have been the giant cry baby over the last 2 episodes. However, the first week I got the whole mean McDreamy…hes me. When scared or confronted I shut down and shut everyone out. Even saw more of that this week. Of course, I think they know me when they write this show. When Meridith said, we shut out people because we know we will eventually lose them, (I’m paraphrasing) I was sobbing. That is me! Still love your blogs and I will join the GA fan club or support group with you.

  2. meandmom

    Shoot! I missed it again! I’m glad for your synopsis and totally bummed I missed the actual show 😦 I’ll have to see if they show it on hulu or something!

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