I Will Follow You Into the Dark

For my friends and family:  I have to apologize again, but disregard.

I cried like a baby at the end of Grey’s Anatomy when Izzie told Christina about her cancer.  Like. A. Baby.  I have issues.  All kinds of them.  All kinds of cancer issues, and emotions, and just ISSUES.

I loved that George was in the episode more than normal.  I love George.  I love Alex.  I am no longer a fan of McDreamy.  He was a drunk McMeany and said some horrible things to Meredith.  This was the first episode that I HATED his character.  I don’t even care if he’s on the show anymore.  Not even with his creepily perfect hair. 

McSteamy and Lexi, however, LOVING them!!  McArmy and Christina, loving them!  I want Adele on more now that Eli Stone is off the air, she was the best part of the show last night.  Bailey still had fabulous hair and I love her in all scenes.

Back to Izzie and her 5% survival rate.  I don’t know if I can take it when she dies and I also don’t know if I want her to stay on the show, but at least I’m interested again.  Thank you again, Shonda Rhimes.


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