Hello, Whirlpool. My Name’s Functional. You’re Pretty.

My dryer has steadily been going out the past few weeks.  I’m a mild conspiracy theorist, but if I was extreme I would say that the government programs your appliances to go out in the spring when you get your taxes back to stimulate the economy.  Two years ago was my washing machine, last year was my refrigerator, and this year is my dryer.  I’m just saying.  But seriously,  if all cars are computerized, why can’t they program something to break when your warranty is up.  And I also think acne medicine causes acne because if it cleared you up perfectly then you’d never buy again.   But I digress….

I love my sister.  She shopped and shopped for a treadmill.  She’s a consumer reports girl.  She went to several stores to try out the treadmills they liked and I think it took her weeks to finally come home with a treadmill.  I wish I was patient enough to do that.  I’m more of an instant gratification girl and when I need something, although I should shop and shop and try and get the best deal, I don’t.  I did go on-line to get an idea of what kind of money it was going to cost other places, but I’m sure I could have gotten a cheaper one if I would have shopped around.

So I went to a store that rhymes with Schmome Schmepot and was looking at the less expensive GEs.  I couldn’t even afford a GE washer so I had to get a Roper, which is a generic GE.  It works just the same, but doesn’t have the bells and whistles (I just need it to clean).  Now I wish I could afford the top of the line, over $1,000 a piece fancy schmancy matching ones that open in the front, you know the ones, but I’m on a budget and a pretty serious one at that.    The “non-commission” sales rep walked by, and I think it’s funny that they make sure to have “non-commission” on the sign.  She comes over and tells me that she doesn’t like GE and did I see this Maytag over here.  I said that I hadn’t but it was more than I wanted to spend.  I asked about delivery and she told me how much it was, which was cringe-worthy, but that I would get that back in a Mastercard rebate, which I thought was good. 

Dave Ramsey told us that the men in the relationship are the negotiators and can usually get a better deal when shopping, but I have no negotiator.  Although how funny would that be to have William Shatner get all your deals for you.   He could have swooped me up in his van in the parking lot to tell me I didn’t get the best deal, and take me to where the best deal was.  If you haven’t seen the Priceline commercials then that made no sense.

I asked her if that was the best deal I could get, did they have any more deals and she said they were offering 10% off of Energy Star products and that would include the Maytag dryer, which took it lower than the GE.  I said I would take that one and felt like I got a pretty good deal.  Then I asked her if the dryer was Energy Star and she said they hadn’t made any dryers that were Energy Star yet.  Huh?  “Isn’t that why I got the 10% off?”, I thought in my head, but I didn’t want to draw attention and have her snatch that 10% back.  She scheduled my delivery, got me the rebate paperwork and walked me to the front to tell the sales lady it was 10% off. 

When we were almost home Shelby said when she grows up she’s going to have a matching washer and dryer.  Dream big, baby.  And I said, “What do you mean?  Ours are matching.”  And she said, “They’re not even the same kind.”  And I said, “but they’re both white.”  There was a time in my life that I had a white washer and a green dryer, but I was really only looking for functional.  Then I thought back to the showroom and how all the washers and dryers are all perfectly matched up and were much more colorful than when I was a kid.  They’re actually stylish now, not just functional.  They put those front and center because they want you to buy that even though they supposedly don’t get commission.  The white traditional ones are in the back hidden by the deep freezes. 

I can’t even tell you how thankful I am that on Tuesday I’m going to have a boring white dryer that actually works and my piles of laundry are going to be gone.  I think I’m going to have Shelby do all of it since she seems so interested in appliances.



  1. carikelley

    I can’t stop laughing…or lol’ing, as they say. Shelby did seem interested in appliances–she’d probably love to do the laundry for ya!
    Congrats on the new dryer–and the 10% off. I’m taking you with me next time I need an appliance. Shelby can come too to help with the style end of it.

  2. Cindi

    Shelby’s comment was funny! But I can’t stop laughing about Schmome Schepot! Do we have to pay companies when we mention them in our blog? I better watch out for that!
    Glad you are getting your new dryer and at 10% off – Dave would be so proud!

  3. Cindi

    p.s. one of these days I am actually going to comment before Cari, she always beats me to it.

  4. meandmom

    I am counting my blessings as my machines continue to run, course now that I’ve actually put that in writing, they will both go down for the count tonight!

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