Change, change, change….Change of Fools.

I know it’s “chain”, but I always used to think it was Change of Fools. I know, it doesn’t makes sense, but neither did Kenny Rogers leaving “400 children and a crop in the field”. It was actually “four hungry children and a crop in the field” and it was Lucille’s fine time to leave. I wonder if there ever is a “good” time to leave. It’s really painful no matter how many hungry children you have.

I’ve been wondering lately if people can change.  My monkey couldn’t/wouldn’t change, but what about people that aren’t pure evil? I started thinking about me. I haven’t always been the fabulous person I am today. I used to not always be honest, there might have been occasion when I was mean. People that worked with me would say that I was a real witch, with a b, before they got to know me. I didn’t really like new people and I still don’t like change. But I’m not that person anymore. I don’t lie, I don’t really drink (as a rule), and I don’t think I’m mean.

So because I can change, I started wondering if other people can change if they so desire. Maybe they can, but they have to really want to, right? Take a smoker. They have to really want to change in order to quit smoking. Experts say it’s like coming off heroin. I’ve never been addicted to anything, although if I were, I wish it was exercise. It’s not. Why can’t exercise be my heroin? I do have an addictive personality, just not to exercise, more like to eating. There was a time in my life when I would drink, and then I wouldn’t stop. I could live without it, but once I started I just kept on going and didn’t always make good decisions. That’s why I don’t drink as a rule.

In my first bad relationship I had a boss that said, “the only thing that makes a man change is Jesus”.   And I thought, “Yeah, that’s great, thanks” (I was young).   That guy didn’t change.  I do know that I’ve changed in the three years of going to church, my family has changed, my choices have changed. 

What do you wish you could change?



  1. meandmom

    Are you sure you want to open that can of worms???? 🙂 LOL

    I have changed the past 4 years, not so much my personality, but I have changed how I view my role as friend, mother, future spouse (hopefully). I changed my view of my contribution to my family. I changed my level of discipline. These have all been good changes.

    I wish I could change my ex. But I can’t. And that is the biggest change of all for me. Coming to peace with the fact that I can’t change him. That was a hard one!

  2. carikelley

    I wish I didn’t procrastinate. and could say what I think. I can type what I think, but it’s harder to say it out loud. I think that’s why I like to blog.

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