Is He Into Me or Not? I’m Confused.

All right already. I get it. I do. If he’s not calling, check; if he’s not marrying you, check; if he’s sleeping with someone else, obviously.

So Shelby and I saw the movie last night while Kasey and Lindsey were at a Father/Daughter dance at church (the monkey came through for two years straight!). And while the movie wasn’t irritating like his short-lived (and I think back again) talk show, it was pretty depressing. Oh wait, now he has a “He’s Really Into You” Comedy Tour; is he trying to be funny? Now I’m not going to know if he’s into me or not.  I’m not saying it wasn’t entertaining, but I really only need to look at my own life for examples of how “he’s” not that into me.

I remember the Sex and the City episode where they first brought this saying into our daily lives. Miranda went on a date and he didn’t call, or something to that effect. There was a part where she was in the park listening to two other women talk about how one guy wouldn’t call back and Miranda shared her “wisdom”. The look on those women’s faces was very funny because, let’s face it, no one wants to hear someone’s opinion on whether he’s “into” you or not.

So back to the movie. Spoiler alert. I hated the part where he cheated. It made me sick to my stomach, it wasn’t just the popcorn and Diet Coke. I didn’t give my monkey an ultimatum to marry me, but our relationship had run it’s course and I was leaving. In a last ditch effort, on his part, he said, “let’s get married tomorrow” because he knew that what I wanted more than anything was to be married and have a family. It was my carrot, but he turned out to be the ass.

I felt so bad for Gigi, the pathetic girl, because I have been, and in some ways still am, the pathetic girl. The sitting by the phone waiting for it to ring, the checking my messages a million times. I used to have an actual answering machine, and there were times that even when the readout said “0”, I would still click on the message button to hear “you have NO messages” in a robotic tone. I think sometimes she was yelling at me to stop being so pathetic.

Now, I talk about my dating woes here and here. Let me be clear that I am not dating currently, but would like for it to be an option at some point, and certainly don’t want to be the pathetic girl.  However, I also don’t get my dating advice from the movies.  I did like the movie.  Like I said, it was entertaining and we had a great night out.


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  1. meandmom

    Okay….so I wasn’t the only one???? I actually cried during that movie because I was so disturbed by the cheating guy! And I totally am standing in the shoes that Jennifer Aniston’s character was wearing. The cheating guy and actually Scarlett Johanson’s character pissed me off…he tried to refrain and she kept pushing it on him.

    I’m glad you had fun with Shelby.

    I hope we’re not just jaded divorced ladies 🙂

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