My Lawn’s Just Fine, Thanks

After this blog, I decided to make a list of the things I really like about being single.

1.  I do not have to fight with a couch commando when I want to watch something.  I have control of the remote and the whole DVR except when I’m fighting with iCarly for more space.  And I have full control over our Netflix.

          On a side note:  I’m very much enjoying the new show “Being Erica”.  It’s about this girl who is down on her luck and she thinks if she can just go back and change her bad decisions then she would be in a better place now.  She goes to this “therapist” who sends her back in time to change said “bad decisions” only to find out that even if they end up being different, they’re not neccessarily better.  I’ve only seen the first one, but I really like it so far.

2.  I can go wherever I want whenever I want with no questions asked.  I obviously have to get the monkey’s permission to leave the state with the girls, but I can pretty much just pack up and go anywhere my limited budget will take us.  It’s usually just to Oklahoma.

3.  I don’t have to shave my legs if I don’t want to.  I do, but I don’t have to. 

4.  I don’t have to fight with a spouse over the FPU budget.  I only have to fight with myself over what I should or shouldn’t spend and that’s a very short conversation. 

5.  When cooking dinner I don’t have to worry about someone else liking what I make.  The kids know that if they don’t like it then nothing else will be made and if they want to eat then they better eat what I made.  Also, I can call “snack night” anytime I don’t feel like cooking with no judging.  I like not having to worry about somone else’s concerns or feelings.  Is that selfish?  I don’t care. 

So there are pros and cons both ways.  I’m sure that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be and when I’m supposed to be there.  We’ll just have to see where life takes me from here, but I’m starting to enjoy the ride.



  1. carikelley

    ok, it took me a bit to figure out the title. nice.

    and I do envy you sometimes for all the reasons you said. and some other reasons too.

    Love ya!

  2. meandmom

    Ha Ha! Funny title! There is a certain amount of joy in being single….and part of me wishes that I hadn’t found the SO as quickly as I did.

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