Confessions of a non-Shopaholic

I’m not a shopper.  Never have been.  I don’t enjoy malls, I don’t like shopping, nothing about it.  Maybe it has something to do with never having any money to do any shopping other than the clearance racks, but I just really don’t enjoy any of it.  My daughter told me I’m crowdphobic, which is her theory on why I don’t like going to the mall.  I tried telling her I wasn’t until I realized that might be part of it.  Did you know that there are people that actually hang out in the mall?  They go for no reason other than to just walk around and people watch.  That’s so far from me it’s not even funny. 

We went on Sunday because there was a big sale at JCPenney’s and my daughter wanted to walk down to the pet store.  Now that place breaks my heart.  She wanted to take one of the dogs into the private room, but I told her I couldn’t do that without taking one home, and I’m certainly not buying a pet at a mall pet store.  The mall was depressing with a lot of the stores going out of business; but with all the people milling around, it did not indicate to me that there was something wrong with the economy.

I also went to see Confessions of a Shopaholic this weekend and it was a very cute movie, but I couldn’t have related less to it.  I’m always on the sale rack, never the designer rack, and I have no credit card.  Do people really dress like that?  Who pays $120 for a scarf that wouldn’t even keep you warm in the winter?  Am I too practical, too poor, too realistic, etc?   I completely related to her penny pinching parents who saved up and bought a motor home.  Not that I’d want to do that, but I’m afraid I’m turning my kids into shopaholics by buying them the boring, black, practical shoes.  If you haven’t seen the movie or read the book it probably doesn’t make much sense to you. 

My dad was a pack rat, a mall shopper, he never met a mall he didn’t like.  I think they do something to the air in there to make it more appealing with their Auntie Annie’s pretzels and Cinnabuns floating around, their food court where everyone can get something different.   Too many choices, too many people, too many sales, too many signs.  We walked outside and I told the girls to take a deep breath so they could get the “mall air” out of their lungs.  I think they just rolled their eyes at my craziness as always.



  1. carikelley

    I’m totally the same! HATE shopping! I have a sister who enjoys it (as you might know 😉 and my mom does it as a hobby…torture for me. For all the reasons you listed, too. Fortunately, I’m raising a daughter that hates shopping worse than I do, if that’s possible. (although, the poor child needs new pants—i don’t know what we’ll do!)

  2. meandmom

    I hate shopping too….I mean I love it but I hate it because right now I don’t have the money to shop without worrying about it. I want a personal shopper who has all day to shop the best deals and knows just what I need to keep my closet up to date and fresh so I don’t waste money on unnecessary spur of the moment purchases. I found one….for a mere $2200 she could hook me up. Ummmmm……WHAT???!!!

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